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Have we been introduced...?

graphicSince 1990, Dogs Today has been famous for unrivalled passion, unmatched specialist knowledge and award-winning excellence in magazine production. The title was the brainchild of Daily Mail proprietor, the late Viscount Rothermere. It was his vision to produce a great magazine for true dog lovers. Sadly, not everyone in his company shared his enthusiasm!

I was appointed as the launch editor, and, from issue one, the magazine was a joy to work on. Never before had there been a voice for the pet dog owner. The title became a key mover in the abolition of quarantine and the reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act - issues that us pet owners felt extremely passionately about.

After a couple of years I was very fortunate to buy the magazine for a pound, and the late Viscount Rothermere became an investor in my new company.

The magazine (without meddling middle managers!) became much more glossy and it quickly won critical acclaim at the magazine industry's own version of the Oscars - other editors and publishers highlighting Dogs Today's unique mix of campaigning journalism, accessible vital information and the amazing warmth it enjoys from its readers.

graphicTerry Mansfield, the chief executive of Nat Mags, once phoned up to report that a friend of his had picked up a copy of Dogs Today at the supermarket. She started reading it at the check-out and was so moved by one of the articles that she abandoned her trolley and ran out to use the phone to pledge assistance. As he said at the time - if she had been reading one of his magazines, he'd have been a very happy man!

Readers devour every inch of this magazine; they regard it as a friend dropping in. We are always having mould-breaking ideas, such as The Cold Wet Nose Show and Take Your Dog to Work Day. The company's links with the outside media are unrivalled - Dogs Today is required reading for all TV researchers!

Should you ever consider adding a dog to your life, consulting the Perfect Pup pages will instantly reveal why Dogs Today is the industry flagship. We are the only publication to have minimum standards for breeders; we list all the health tests each breed needs; we give free listings to rescues and include wonderful breed experts who will give you one-on-one advice. When you know the type of dog you favour, dip into the breed-specific Fido Facts and you will find more pertinent information than you ever imagined possible.

Dogs Today is a unique publication. Please do read a copy - it is our best advert. We have never claimed to be the cheapest - and we have no ambitions to become bland or formulaic. There are cheaper publications, we concede. Our journalism, information and photography are unmatched - and that quality comes at a price. Dogs Today readers are very discerning, wonderful people - as are our advertisers! Our only aim is to be the best.


Beverley Cuddy
Editor and Publisher, Dogs Today