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graphicThe internet is turning out to be one of the most flexible and significant marketing mediums in history, offering advertisers a unique opportunity to keep their message up to date and to display to a large but specific audience...

Perfect Pup was born in print more than a decade ago. Prior to then, our staff spent many, many hours on the phone giving one-on-one advice to readers who needed lots of help to avoid the pitfalls of buying the wrong dog from the wrong person.

The Hairy Dogmother is a unique and revolutionary free service bringing together hundreds of like-minded doggie experts all keen to help the public avoid making mistakes. This valuable resource, plus our proven system of agreed minimum standards means our website is the safest place for the general public to find their next dog.

Perfect Pup on-line now allows us help more than 18,000 people every month – and the traffic is growing rapidly.

graphicWe have listings and screened contacts for 200 plus breeds and instantly downloadable comprehensive Fido Facts on 60plus breeds. At the core of Perfect Pups ethical stance is the intelligent minimum standards for breeders of litters for sale. If breeders do all the health tests we list (and get good results), only sell pups they have bred and agree to give long term after sales advice they are allowed to advertise their pups free of charge. Rescue dogs looking for homes are also listed free of charge.

For those still undecided, there’s a free lifestyle questionnaire designed to help people determine if their lives are really suitable for a dog and, if so, which breeds would be the best fit.


Beverley Cuddy
Editor and Publisher, Dogs Today